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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Abortion & the Pro-Life Movement

When the Pro-Choice movement was able to shift the focus of the Abortion debate to an issue of a women's right, they were able to score a huge victory in the abortion debate.
Every couple that I have ever met have called their unborn child a baby and not fetus. When person ever loses a pregnant wife or daughter they feel they have lost two people and not one. Some how the debate over "Safe Legal Abortion" is about the women's right and the not future of the un-born child.

The question then is why? Why do so many woman and men get so worked up over a women's right to choice? Why do so many people not feel that it is not wrong to "terminate an unwanted pregnancy"? They feel it is wrong to make a woman or a couple be forced to carry to term a life that they do not want or want to be responsible for. So the easiest solution is to terminate it. It seems so easy to them and a clear cut solution.

Have we not missed the point that it is a life and there can be solutions for the people they do not want the responsibility for the child. There are many people that want to adopt children. It is selfish not let them have an opportunity to adopt the child. In a simplistic example, when most of use were kids our parents told us not to waste our food. They told us to offer it someone else or to safe it for later. They never were happy when we throw our food out without eating it. In a simplest way we are buying wasteful when we choose to abort our unborn children. They could future scientist, presidents, world peace makers, etc. But we threw them out in the trash before they had an opportunity to serve their purpose.